Westminster Car Club

Welcome to Westminster Car Club

Westminster City Council has partnered with Zipcar to give you access to cars parked across the city. It's even better than having your own car, as you'll get free fuel, free insurance and you don't need to pay the congestion charge.


Access to cars parked in on-street spaces 24 hours a day, includes one hour's free parking in Westminster - we'll have 100+ cars in Westminster soon.


Just reserve online, unlock with your membership card and drive.


Each Westminster Car Club vehicle aims to remove 15-20 privately-owned vehicles from the road, meaning less emissions and less parked cars.


Fuel, insurance, the Congestion Charge and 40 free miles are all included in our low hourly and daily rates.


Drive MINIs, Golfs, Prius', Insight Hybrids, BMWs and more.

Find cars near you.


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Westminster Residents

Join for only £25 your first year. (You save £25!)

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Westminster Business

Do you own or work for a business in Westminster? We offer discounted driving rates and joining fees. Give our Sales Team a ring today and find out how Westminster Car Club can save your business money: 0203 004 7815.