How it works
4 simple steps to Westminster Car Club freedom
join 1. join Just apply today. It only takes a few minutes.
Once you're approved, you get your very own Westminster Car Club membership card.
Complete the online application, which takes just a few minutes. Once we receive and review your driving record, you'll get your own Westminster Car Club membership card in just a few days. Once you receive your Westminster Car Club membership card, you can begin reserving Westminster Car Club vehicles and driving right away!
reserve 2. reserve Reserve one of our cars – for a couple hours or the entire day.
Do it online or use a phone. We're easy.
You can do it online or over the phone. You choose the car you want – there are MINIs, Toyotas, BMWs, and more. Choose the time slot you want at the location you want. Reserve minutes or months in advance.
unlock 3. unlock Walk to the car, then just hold your Westminster Car Club membership card to the windscreen. The doors will unlock, and it's all yours! Your Westminster Car Club membership card will only open the car you've reserved during the time you've reserved it (which means no one else can open your Westminster Car Club vehicle during that time, either). All you do is walk to the car and hold your card to the windscreen – the doors will unlock.
drive 4. drive Drive away... and return to the same reserved parking spot at the end of your reservation. It's that simple.
And remember, fuel, insurance and the Congestion Charge are included too.
Well, we guess you don't need us to tell you how to drive. Fuel, reserved parking, maintenance, the Congestion Charge and insurance are all included (though you may be responsible for excess on the insurance if you get in an accident). Just bring your Westminster Car Club vehicle back when you're done and park it in the same reserved parking space. That's all there is to it!

What's Included

Your Westminster Car Club membership card unlocks thousands of cars around the world. Low hourly and daily rates include fuel, Congestion Charge, insurance and 40 free miles per day.

Green Benefits

Convenience and savings not enough? How about a little environmentalism? Each Westminster Car Club vehicle takes 15-20 personally-owned vehicles off the road.

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Westminster Residents

Join for only £25 your first year. (You save £25!)

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Westminster Business

Do you own or work for a business in Westminster? We offer discounted driving rates and joining fees. Give our Sales Team a ring today and find out how Westminster Car Club can save your business money: 0203 004 7815.